• Practice Questions Package ($69).  The Practice Questions Package contains Professor Furniss’ test bank only and is really designed for someone who has already seriously studied the material, has already taken the exam, but still needs only a very small bump in test score to get over the finish line. This package is designed for students who are already pretty confident in their understanding of the material and need that tiny push over the finish line.
  • Practice Questions PLUS Package ($84).  For an extra $15, the Practice Questions PLUS package beefs up the Practice Questions Package by adding Professor Furniss’ Super Sheets. This package is for that person who has studied the material and taken the exam but still needs a very small exam score bump. By adding the Super Sheets to the test bank, this package may give you a much needed extra boost in your understanding of the material to pass the exam.
  • National Exam Prep Package ($119).  The National Exam Prep Package is our most popular and recommended package. This package contains all of Professor Furniss’ learning tools. Nothing is left out. If you have never taken the insurance exam, this is the package that you must have. Or, if you have taken the exam one or more times and need to make sure that you really understand the material, this is the package for you. Professor Furniss believes that if you need more than just a couple of points boost in your exam score, that it is worth the price difference to purchase this package. You will save enough money on one retest fee to pay for the extra cost of this package.

Important Note:  Our course packages are designed to help you pass the exam. However, please note that you will need to supplement our National courses with your state’s specific insurance rules. Likely, your recruiter has state rules study materials or you have them from another exam prep provider. Use that source for the state specific questions and our National materials to help you pass your exam.