Why Our Students Pass2021-05-31T12:00:19-06:00

Why Our Students Pass

We provide highly relevant content, easy and fun to study material, and multiple pathways to ace your insurance exam. Choose your pathway.

Multiple Learning Pathways2020-12-14T06:39:18-06:00

Don’t want to read the manual? That’s okay. Fast track your exam prep by reviewing Professor Furniss’ Quick Review Slides with Rapid Fire Q&A Drills, which trim hours off of your study time. Multiple ways to speed through the course material and study only what you need to know- improve your insurance exam score and pass the exam quickly.

Easy to Read Manual2020-12-14T06:39:02-06:00

Easy to read manual, with key points highlighted, each paragraph ranked for importance, and critical test points identified. Don’t waste your time on unimportant stuff.

Comprehensive Test Bank2020-12-14T06:38:38-06:00

The most comprehensive test bank with 2000+ unique questions. Each question contains a detailed answer explanation. Test bank can be taken as a “life like” timed exam (Exam Simulation Mode) or in a “learn as you go mode” (Exam Review Mode). Unlimited exam iterations.

Quick Review Slides with Rapid Fires2020-12-14T06:37:13-06:00

Review critical test material that has been condensed down into a few slides with precise two prong rapid fire question and answer drills designed to help you memorize key test points.

Last Minute Cheat Sheets2020-12-14T06:35:32-06:00

Short circuit your study time by using Professor Furniss’ “Super Sheets,” which distill his comprehensive manual into just a few pages. Includes a special numbers and math cheat sheet.

Mobile Friendly. Instant 24/7/365 Access2020-12-14T06:34:10-06:00

Instant online access to our interactive course files and manuals. Our content is mobile friendly and we use the most popular and easy to use Learning Management Technology in the world.

Free Extensions. Free Advice2020-12-14T06:32:59-06:00

We provide free advice, free 60-day time extensions, and free access to the latest test content. Put Professor Furniss’ over 20 years’ experience helping over 10,000 students gain the edge. He has spent hundreds of hours putting the best course materials together, designed for your success.

100% Guarantee2020-12-14T06:30:42-06:00

Professor Furniss is in your corner. He wants you to pass your licensing exam quickly so you can move on with life. If you are not 100% satisfied, he will refund your money. No questions asked.


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