Congratulations, you passed the test!  Those are the five words you probably would love to hear.

To become a licensed insurance agent, you will need to first pass the insurance licensing exam. Being well prepared and having great study materials will help you ace the exam.

Professor Jerry Furniss has “written the book” on passing the Life and Health insurance licensing exams and the Property and Casualty insurance licensing exams, and he is dedicated to helping you ace your exam!

Over the past 30 years, Professor Furniss has helped more than 10,000 students pass their insurance licensing exams. Some of his learning tools include:

  • Easy to Read Manual.  Don’t waste your time on unimportant stuff. Professor Furniss’ manual has key points highlighted, each paragraph ranked for importance, and critical test points identified.
  • Comprehensive Test Bank. Prepare for your test using our comprehensive test bank with 2,000+ unique questions. Each question contains a detailed answer explanation.
  • Quick Review Slides with Rapid Fires. Review critical test material that has been condensed down into a few slides with precise two-prong rapid fire question and answer drills designed to help you memorize key test points.
  • Last Minute Cheat Sheets. Short circuit your study time by using Professor Furniss’ “Super Sheets,” which distill his comprehensive manual into just a few pages AND include a special numbers and math cheat sheet.

Professor Furniss’ exam tools and study packages are mobile friendly and available instantly.  His unique learning tools will help you ace your insurance licensing exam and FAST-TRACK your career!

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