What is the Indiana Insurance Exam Like?

The Indiana insurance licensing exam will test your knowledge and understanding of broad insurance concepts. The exam is also designed to challenge your reading comprehension, product knowledge, and test-taking skills.

The following are key points about the exam format:

Multiple Choice Questions.  All examination questions are multiple-choice with 4 possible answers. The typical question is short – usually just one sentence followed by 4 answer choices. Three different multiple-choice formats are used. These include “direct question”, “incomplete question” and “all of the following are correct except.”

Very Few Math Problems.  There are very few math questions and the math problems on the exam are very straightforward. Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills are all the math skills required. (Please review our Math Problems Super Sheet found in your online course materials to master the math problems.) No personal items such as hand-held computers, reference materials, papers, or study materials are allowed while taking the exam. Materials necessary for note taking and performing math calculations will be provided by the test center. 180 Licensing will provide you with sample math problems so there will be no surprises at exam time.

Read Key Words Carefully.  Test questions are not designed to mislead. However, just like any other exam questions, misreading the questions will impact your score. Words such as ALL, NONE, EXCEPT are often used and, if misread, can dramatically impact your score.

Question Types.  About 80 percent of exam questions cover conceptual knowledge, while the remaining 20 percent cover specific facts, such as number of days, dollar amounts, etc.

Indiana Insurance Exam Details

You will take your exam on a computer, with your test results provided immediately afterwards. Your score will be shown on the screen and you will also receive a printed score report.

Minimum Passing Score.  Indiana requires that you receive a 70 or higher score to pass the exam. Your overall score and grade is shown on the score report including the numerical percentage of questions answered correctly and if you passed or failed. Section percentages will not average to total percentage score because of the way questions are allocated to different sections. 180 Licensing takes this into account when preparing you for the exam.

Passing the Exam Does Not Equal a License Passing the insurance exam does not automatically mean that you receive an insurance license. You must work with your employer in order to apply for and receive your insurance license from the Indiana Department of Insurance. (For more information about obtaining your license, see our article Steps to Getting Your Indiana Insurance License.)

Where is the Indiana Insurance Exam Given?

Although they may be changed from time to time, the usual testing locations in Indiana are: Anderson, Bloomington, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Gary, Indianapolis and several more sites. Also testing sites are available in Ohio and Michigan.

How Do I Register For the Indiana Insurance Exam?

If you have any disabilities that require special attention, be sure to contact the Indiana’s Department of Insurance well ahead of time to make special arrangements. When signing up for your specific exam date, keep in mind that examination time slots may fill up quickly.

  • Schedule Your Exam.  Use the links below to schedule and register for your exam. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to ensure the location and date you prefer are available. We recommend scheduling your exam at least one week in advance.
  • Exam Registration:  Website
  • Change a Scheduled Exam Date.  Keep in mind that if you need to change your testing time or date, Pearson VUE will sometimes cancel your existing testing time before they can see if other time slots are available. Reschedule as soon as possible in order to avoid forfeiting your registration fee. Visit the online registration page to view/edit your appointment.

When Should I Schedule My Indiana Insurance Exam?

We recommend taking the Pearson VUE insurance exam as soon as possible after completing your required prelicensing course.

Is the Indiana Insurance Exam Available in Any Other Language?

In Indiana, the exam is only available in English. If English is not your primary language, you may request an ESL (English as a Second Language) Authorization to allow more time for the test. You should not schedule your examination until you receive your approval.

Which Indiana Insurance Exam Will I Take?

Exam Name Questions Duration
Life & Health 150 180 Minutes
Life 95 120 Minutes
Health 95 120 Minutes
Property & Casualty 150 180 Minutes
Personal Lines 115 120 Minutes

This is not a complete list of all insurance licenses in Indiana. For a complete list, go here.

What if I Fail the Test? Can I Retake It?

Yes. Each state has a different rule on this and the rules change from time to time. The best source to find the answer is from the testing service’s handbook (see below).

Where can I Find Additional Information about Indiana’s Licensing Exam?

Find the current answers to many of your questions from the Indiana’s Insurance Licensing Information Candidate Handbook. Go here.


Disclaimer:  180 Licensing Exam Prep, Inc. makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this article, information is subject to change. The final authority for the latest insurance licensing information is your state’s department of insurance.

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