Our National Exam Prep Package includes:

Easy To Read Manuals.  A comprehensive, yet easy and fun to read, General Knowledge National manual and General State Law manual. Both manuals are in downloadable PDF format. Each manual includes important test points highlighted, each paragraph star ranked based on topic importance, critical test points identified, and loads of easy to follow examples.

Interactive, Mobile Friendly Course Files.  A collection of interactive, mobile friendly course files that focus your attention on critical test points and include the following interactive learning components:

  • Quick Review Slide Show:  Complete with Rapid Fire Question and Answer (Q&A) Drills, designed to let you speed up your learning time by quickly reviewing key points and testing your ability to answer key, short, two prong questions.
  • Exam Review Mode:  Over 2000 practice questions designed to allow you to try multiple choice questions like the ones on your real exam and receive instant feedback on each question along with detailed answer explanations so you are not left wondering why you missed the question.
  • Exam Simulation Mode:  Over 2000 practice questions which provide the same question bank found in Exam Review Mode, but timed, like the real exam.
  • Super Sheets:  Designed for each chapter of material, our Super Sheets are Professor Furniss’ version of cheat sheets designed to condense the material even further, enabling you to do last minute cramming. Jerry has also developed a Super Sheet for math problems and formulas, and another Super Sheet for key numbers tested on the exam and he includes these two helpful study aids as part of the package.
  • Unlimited Help:  Our National Exam Prep Package includes help from Professor Furniss and his team of trained professionals, which gives you the edge needed on the exam. Professor Furniss provides you with his direct contact information as well. Our team has also provided lots of information on signing up for the exam, test taking strategies, and important testing links. Please click on the Licensing and Testing Info link on the menu bar above to access these important resources.
  • Free Time Extensions:  While all of our course packages automatically provide 60 days’ access to our course files, we provide free 60 day time extensions on our National Exam Prep Package, if you need more time to prepare for the exam. We want to assist you in passing your exam in the fastest and most efficient manner possible and Professor Furniss is dedicated to see you get there.