Our Life and Health Exam Prep Package is designed for the following exams:

  • Life exam
  • Health exam (in some states the health insurance exam is known as either the Accident and Health exam or the A&H exam or the Disability exam)
  • Life and Health exam
  • Life and Health Consultants/Counselors exam

Our Property and Casualty Exam Prep Package is designed for the following exams:

  • Property exam
  • Casualty exam
  • Property and Casualty exam (personal lines and commercial lines)
  • Personal Lines Property and Casualty exam
  • Surety exam
  • Adjusters exam. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Although our course is not specifically designed for the Adjusters exam, students do find our course very helpful for that exam.) (However, if you are taking the Adjuster’s exam that contains Workers’ Comp specialty or All Lines Adjuster, our P&C course is not adequate to prep you. Our PC course works pretty well for the PC Adjusters exam that does not have the Work Comp specialty or that is not the All Lines Adjuster exam.)  It is also our understanding that a few states permit individuals seeking their Adjuster’s license to take the Property and Casualty exam instead of the Adjusters exam. In those states, our Property and Casualty course works well. Your department of insurance will know whether it allows you to take the Property and Casualty exam in lieu of the Adjusters exam. Please find out for sure before you needlessly take the wrong exam or buy a course that does not work for you.)
  • Property and Casualty Consultants exam