If you purchase our National Exam Prep Package, and you are just beginning the study of insurance, you should consider spending approximately 3 weeks. Some students report being ready in one week; others take 5-6 weeks. We think that planning a solid daily schedule over 2-3 weeks works for most students. If you just need a small bump in your exam score, you may be able to “fast track” your studies using one or more of our learning tools. In order to either fully prep for the exam the first time or to help you over the hump in the event that you are falling short of a passing score, you should consider using our materials.

Our focus in Nevada is to help you pass your insurance licensing exam the fastest and easiest way possible. Supplement our material with state supplemental law materials from another source to best prepare for your exam. If you do not have state law supplemental materials, contact us and we may be able to help you find some.