Please register for the exam early so that you get your preferred testing schedule. (You should sign up several days before your exam time. And, you must have a certificate of completion from your prelicensing education provider in hand for exam day. Don’t schedule your fingerprinting until after you pass the exam and immediately before you apply for your license through NIPR. (The reason is that your fingerprinting data is only available for 30 days to the licensing authorities so you don’t want to have too big of a gap in time; otherwise, you will have to get fingerprinted again and pay another fee.)

The homepage of PSI Exams provides access to test center locations, registration services, and lots of helpful testing information. Go here to access lots of great information from PSI Exams.

Finally. After you have taken your required education, and you find yourself in need help passing the exam (many students do), consider our course and exam prep materials. Professor Furniss designed his materials to help you pass the exam the fastest and easiest way possible.