Yes. North Dakota requires you to be fingerprinted and a background check. This is done through the company that North Dakota has authorized. To schedule a fingerprint reservation, please contact Prometric’s third party vendor, Gemalto or alternative service through county sheriff’s departments.

Schedule your exam reservation first, then contact Gemalto and schedule your fingerprint reservation as close to the start time of your examination as possible. It does not need to be the exact same time. As long as you make your fingerprint reservation, the testing center will be able to process your prints when you arrive for your exam.

Reservation Website (Preregistration required)

Gemalto:  877-862-2425 See the listing of alternatives to using Gemalto. Go here.

Tip:  If you use Gemalto/Prometric, when you arrive at the test center for your fingerprint appointment and to take your exam, have the confirmation number you received during the fingerprint reservation process. Your fingerprint will be captured at the test center. Prometric will then provide you with a fingerprint card.

Please note:  The company may suspend fingerprinting services due to COVID-19 concerns. Please check here for updates, then select eGAPS icon.