One of the reasons you are visiting this site is because you already understand that you must pass the South Carolina licensing exam before you can obtain your resident insurance license. In order to take the South Carolina licensing exam, you must first register with the PSI, which has been selected by South Carolina to administer your licensing exam.

To schedule an exam with PSI, either call them at 800-733-9267 or register online. Before you register, read our informative guide entitled All About Registering For and Taking the South Carolina Insurance Exam. Please note that taking our course DOES NOT register you for the exam.

The Following Steps Will Guide You Through The Process Of Becoming Licensed In South Carolina:

1)  Select a Prelicensing Course to Help You Pass the South Carolina Insurance Exam

In South Carolina, prelicensing education is not an absolute requirement. However, it is best if you find a good source of prelicensing education providers. However, many prelicensing education companies do not focus on actually helping you pass the exam – that’s where 180 Licensing comes in. If you need help on the exam, 180 Licensing considers itself the very best, most enjoyable, and cost-effective method of preparing for your exam. Supplement our national courses with the state law materials that you received from your prelicensing education provider to best prepare for your exam.

Here’s a rundown of your choices and our opinions:

  • Correspondence Courses.  Often these courses consist of a manual and perhaps some sample questions on a disc that may or may not be specific to your state’s exam. The course manuals are boring, often out-of-date, and do not effectively convey the critical points that need to be mastered by you. They do not use techniques that “teach” you the material.
  • Live Classes.  Sometimes these classes are effective and sometimes they are not – pick one and take your chances. Plus, these courses are often not located near you, and you must miss time from work or travel to take the class. (When we find what we consider a good live class located in your state through our market research, we will list the class here. If you know of an exceptional class, please email us so we can confirm and list the class.)
  • Online Courses with Simulated Instructors.  If you have listened to computer generated voices before, you know that they will drive you nuts after a few hours. We cannot imagine listening to a computer voice for 40 hours trying to prepare for a licensing exam.
  • Online Courses with Real Instructors.  A couple of companies have online classes with real people lecturing. While good in theory, most of these “real people” are simply talking heads in the corner of the screen that you will soon tire of.
  • A Comprehensive Interactive Course That Teaches.  You guessed it! 180 Licensing has spent hundreds of hours creating a manual that is not only fun to read, but that is also highly authoritative and effective – We have personally helped over 10,000 students pass their licensing exams using my materials and techniques. Our interactive learning materials take you step-by-step through the critical test points – the materials are “designed to teach”. You can learn the key points at your own pace, anywhere you wish. With our insurance licensing exam prep packages, you do not need to second guess anything – it’s all there, in one easy package. Passing the exam cannot be made any easier or more enjoyable than with 180 Licensing!

2)  Register To Take the South Carolina Insurance Exam with PSI

You must register to take the exam with PSI several weeks in advance so that you will be guaranteed a spot for at the test center of your choice on the day of your choice. You may register online here or call 800-733-9267. For details, read All About Registering For and Taking the South Carolina Insurance Exam.

3)  Decide Where To Take the South Carolina Insurance Exam

The exam is given in a number of locations here in South Carolina. Go to the PSI Test Center Locator, here. Before you actually choose a test and location, you may want more details. If so, read All About Registering For and Taking the South Carolina Insurance Exam.

4)  Get Fingerprinted

To schedule a fingerprint reservation, please contact PSI’s third party vendor, IdentoGO. Schedule your exam reservation first, then contact IdentoGO and schedule your fingerprint reservation as close to the start time of your examination as possible. It does not need to be the exact same time. As long as you make your fingerprint reservation, the testing center will be able to process your prints when you arrive for your exam.

5)  Submit The Proper Licensing Paperwork in Order to Obtain South Carolina Insurance License

This is the fun and easy part, for you, at least. Your employer will assist you in submitting the application paperwork. Or they may direct you to submit your license application electronically through NIPR here.

Warning:  Once you either pass your exam or submit your paperwork for your license, in South Carolina, you have 12 months to complete the process; otherwise, you must start the entire licensing application process over (this includes having to retake your exam!).


Disclaimer:  180 Licensing Exam Prep, Inc. makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this article, information is subject to change. The final authority for the latest insurance licensing information is your state’s department of insurance.

Must Read:  Our National online, self-paced, exam prep courses offered in South Carolina contain national insurance and general state law rules, but do not contain your exam’s specific state law content (about 15-20% of your exam). You must supplement our materials with your state’s specific state law rules. You may have access to such materials from your recruiter or another source. If not, we may be able to assist you in finding such materials. Our National courses are designed by award winning Professor Jerry Furniss and are excellent for getting you over the exam finish line the fastest and easiest way possible. Go here for more information.