Texas Property & Casualty Full Exam Prep Package


All Texas Packages contain national and Texas specific content found on the Texas Exam Content Outlines.

Highly effective, self-paced online learning package offering multiple learning pathways and designed to help you pass your Texas property and/or casualty insurance licensing exam. Contains national insurance principles, general state insurance laws, and Texas-specific rules and regulations. This a complete package (electronic manuals, quick review slides, 2000+ question test bank, and cheat sheets) designed to help you pass the Texas exam the first time as fast as possible. Designed for individuals with all levels of insurance exam prep experience. Developed by award winning Professor Jerry Furniss.

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  • All Texas Packages contain national and Texas specific content found on the Texas Exam Content Outlines.
  • This online, self-paced, course is designed to help you pass your Texas property and casualty insurance licensing exam the fastest and easiest way possible. This package is designed for all students- from those that haven’t taken the exam at all, to those that need to brush up in order to make it over the passing finish line.
  • Texas does not have a prelicensing education requirement. However, you must prepare for your exam in order to pass it, and this complete, highly effective package is what we recommend. It is the most complete set of materials we offer to help you pass your Texas insurance licensing exam.
  • This course includes both General Knowledge National exam material and Texas Specific State Law exam material. No need to look elsewhere for a study package.
  • This course provides 60 days’ access on our online learning platform with a FREE 60-day extension if you need extra time. We have the most popular, MOBILE FRIENDLY learning platform in the world and we want you to pass!
  • Check out what’s included in your course by clicking on the What’s Included? tab.

What’s Included

This course package is entirely online, self-paced, and includes interactive, mobile friendly course files, which are instantly accessible upon purchase and available 24/7 as long as you have internet access. These course files focus your attention on critical test points and include the following interactive learning components:

  • Fun and Easy To Read, Authoritative Manuals: This package includes a National manual and a State Law manual (electronic, PDF downloadable/printable format) with important test points highlighted, with each paragraph star *** ranked based on topic importance, critical test points identified, and loads of examples. Students love readability and humor in these two hard hitting manuals.
  • Quick Review Slide Show with Rapid Fire Question and Answer (Q&A) Drills. This interactive course content is specific to Texas insurance exam content and designed to let you speed up your learning time by quickly reviewing key points and testing your ability to answer short, but key test questions similar to your actual exam.
  • 2000+ Question Test Bank. This comprehensive, Texas specific test bank allows you to practice unlimited attempts in two learning modes- Exam Review Mode and Exam Simulation Mode. Exam Review Mode is designed to allow you to practice multiple choice questions like the ones on your real exam and receive instant feedback on each question. Each question comes with a detailed answer explanation, so you are not left wondering why you missed the question. On the other hand, Exam Simulation Mode provides the same questions found in Exam Review Mode, but is timed, like the real exam.
  • Super Sheets. This package includes a Super Sheet for each chapter of material. Super Sheets are Professor Furniss’ version of cheat sheets, which are designed to condense the material even further, enabling you to do last minute cramming. (Professor Furniss also developed a Super Sheet for math problems and formulas, and another Super Sheet for key numbers tested on the exam.)
  • Free Help. Professor Furniss and his team of trained professionals are here to you the edge needed on the exam. Professor Furniss even provides you with his direct contact information in the event his team are unable to answer your question. We have also provided lots of information on signing up for the exam, test taking strategies, and important testing links. Please click on the Licensing and Testing Info link on the menu bar at the bottom of your state’s product page. (Click on the top menu Select Your State to land on your state’s product page.)
  • Free Time Extensions. In the unlikely event you need extra time to prepare for your exam, this package includes another 60 days’ access, free of charge, on top of your original 60 days’ access. We want to assist you in passing your exam in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

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Course Samples


“Thanks for your response so quickly. I remembered lots of the info from the course, and was able to pass both the health and limited lines.”

Erica H., insurance licensing student

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did…. I am pleased to say that I passed both exams.”

Sarah O., insurance licensing student

“Sorry I have not been able to get back to you, I have been really busy trying to run one business I own while studying for the insurance exams and getting everything in place with the insurance business purchase. I read your entire book in 3 days. Not only to get as much material in my head as possible, but because it was actually interesting reading. I don’t know how you do it, but your books are so much easier and more enjoyable to read than anything else I have put in my hands. I also have two other well known companies’ books that I have used in getting my license but there is absolutely no comparison in the books. I am not just saying it to be nice. I hope everyone is able to find you on the internet because not only are you a great group of guys, your books are incredible. You will hear more from me and I WILL be sending many more people your way. I will not forget what you guys did for me. If you ever want a testimonial for your advertising let me know, I would be honored to share my experience with everyone. Thanks once again.″

Joe F, agency owner

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I passed my tests and to let you know how much I appreciated your course.”

Stacy H., insurance licensing student

″I am licensed insurance agent in Life, Disability, Property, Casualty, and Surety, and I am a licensed as a consultant in Life and Disability Insurance.
Over the course of several years I have taken multiple classes from Dr. Furniss including university courses, and insurance licensing classes. I have found Professor Furniss’ lectures and classes to be informative, concise and easy to learn from. His presentation style helps maintain the attention of the audience and engage them in the information being presented.
I would recommend highly recommend his services.”

Morgan H., insurance sales executive

“I REALLY enjoyed your course. You certainly have a dynamic, entertaining style of driving those points home. You sure made a dry subject very memorable and interesting!”

Maria K., insurance licensing student

“I recently took your course…. By the time Saturday rolled around, the test was a formality- it was like having the answer key.”

Ben R., insurance licensing student

″I am an X-high school teacher and 31 year multi-line insurance agent and a few months ago I attended a “Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Plan Seminar” taught by long term law professor Dr. Jerry Furniss. I personally have attended so many classes in my lifetime I can not even come close to counting them all- Dr. Furniss stands head and shoulders above any instructor I have ever taken a course from. We expected all the information could be covered in two hours, however he kept the entire class spell bound for an entire day. I have simply never seen what could easily have been a dry subject turned into such an interesting, humorous, serious set of examples and circumstances explained in such a straightforward way that even an average high school student would have been thoroughly prepared by the end of our day.
Dr. Furniss, thank you so much for the many hours you put in required for such an extraordinary delivery.″

Wes L., agency owner

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