Yes. Oregon has prelicensing education requirement. You must take the required training prior to taking the exam. The provider will provide you a certificate of completion, which is required to be able to take the insurance exam. The required education differs depending on which exam you are taking. Go here for an approved provider list. Also see under the Licensing & Testing tab more detailed testing and licensing information.

Important Note:  Our course packages are designed to help you pass the exam. Consider using our course materials only after you have taken an approved Oregon prelicensing education course, and need help passing your exam. Our focus in Oregon is to help you pass your insurance licensing exam the fastest and easiest way possible. We have not applied to become an approved prelicensing education provider in Oregon. Purchasing our materials does not meet your prelicensing education requirement. You will need to supplement our materials with the Oregon specific rules provided by your prelicensing education provider.