It depends. In some states we have developed specific state supplements while in other states we have not. Click on the Select Your State menu item (top menu on any page) and view your state’s specific rules and our offerings.
General Overview: Your insurance exam is divided into two parts- the General Knowledge portion and the State Rules and Regulations portion. The General Knowledge portion covers a wide range of insurance concepts- some basic and some advanced. Our materials do an excellent job covering the General Knowledge portion of the exam. The State Rules and Regulation portion is further divided into two parts- general state rules and unique state rules. The general state rules tested over in your state are the same for all states and the unique rules tested over contain your state’s rules that differ slightly from most all other states. Our materials do an excellent job covering the general state law rules portion of your exam. However, unless we have created a specific state supplement for your state, our materials do not cover the 15-20% of your exam that deals with your state’s unique rules. You will need access to materials that cover those state specific points.
Perhaps you have already taken the exam, have access to materials that cover the unique, state specific items, and need that little boost to help you pass the exam. If so, you will find our materials can make the difference by helping you pass the exam this time around. Alternatively, if you are a motivated self-starter, we can direct you to your state’s Test Content Outline and show you where you can find your state’s unique rules and regulations. You can then use our materials along with your own review of your state’s unique rules, and go tackle the exam. If you have any questions, contact us. We would love to point you in the right direction.