Yes. South Carolina requires you to be fingerprinted. This is done through the company that South Carolina has authorized. To schedule a fingerprint reservation, please contact PSI third party vendor, IdentoGO.

Resident Producers may schedule fingerprint appointments online using the following steps:
1. Go to and click on Get Fingerprinted (top right menu icon).
2. Under Search for services by state, select “South Carolina” then “Go”
3. Click on “State Fingerprinting”
4. Under “For New Appointments” click on “Schedule a New Appointment”
5. In the drop-down box, select “SC920124Z-DOI Producer Licensing/Renewal” and click “Go”
6. Enter your Zip Code.
7. Choose the location and date you want, select “Click to Schedule” and choose the time of your appointment
8. On the remaining screens, complete the fields as requested to schedule and pay for the fingerprints

If you need assistance scheduling an appointment with IdentoGo, please contact their office at 844-321-2124.

Reservation Website (Preregistration required)


Please note:  The company may suspend fingerprinting services due to COVID-19 concerns. Please check here for updates.