Not to purchase our materials. Our packages are designed to help you pass your exam the easiest and fastest way possible. However, Oregon does require a prelicensing education course from an approved Oregon prelicensing education provider. Go here for a list of companies that are approved.

So, to pass the insurance exams, you just need to take your required course and then prepare. The exams are tough, so you need very good material from a reputable exam prep company like 180 Licensing to supplement what your education provider uses.

Lots of students have taken a prelicensing course, have a valid certificate, and are still having trouble with the exam. We have highly effective courses designed to make passing the exam easier. We recommend our National Exam Prep Package for your Life and Health or Property and Casualty exam prep needs. You will need to supplement our materials with the Oregon specific rules provided by your prelicensing education provider.

Our focus in Oregon is on helping you pass your insurance licensing exam as fast and easy as is possible. However, note that purchasing our materials does not meet your prelicensing education requirement, you already need to have that taken care of.